A holiday is a perfect time to rest, which is why Camppinus Park creates a microworld away from the hustle and bustle of cities, full of peace and quiet. You will enjoy the greenery and the surrounding trees and relax in the pool. We have created a body care zone, because we know that it translates into a spirit. In the evenings you will be able to rest, forgetting about the phone or work project. We want you to be here and now. The guide we have created in the form of an application, will show you the most beautiful places in the area - the Wicko lake, right next to the resort, or the wild Baltic Sea beaches. Thanks to it, you will look at places that are not known to other tourists. You will get access to all attractions, thanks to available in Camppinus Park Eco Trip electric vehicles and segweys - we appreciate the nature that surrounds us, which is why we suggest you traveling in eco way. If you are a fan of two wheels, you will be especially pleased, because the houses can be seen from the international cycling route EuroVelo 10, which leads along the coast to Gronowo.